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Another fish from the lower mand river (128. 4 mm standard length, fars, neighbourhood of shiraz (no other locality data); cmnfi 1979-0024, 1, 61. All fins have some speckling on the rays and membranes but no clear rows of spots. 0 mm standard length, boyer ahmadi-ye sardsir va kohkiluyeh, stream in khersan river drainage (30º24 n, 51º47 e); cmnfi 1979-0499, 1, 113. Salinity and water level changes have significant effects on abundance in this species. However, the vienna catalogue lists 6 specimens of a. Lateral line moderately to strongly decurved, scales 43-58. 3 mm standard length, baluchestan, dashtiari river (ca. Grass carp stocked at 800/ha consume 400-500 kg of azolla daily gaining 800-1200 g in 5 months. (2009) on the effects of broodstock age on various egg dimensions, females age 3-6 years being found suitable for propagation; kordjazi et al. 1 mm standard length, fars, neighbourhood of shiraz (no other locality data); cmnfi 1979-0187, 31,. Economic importance this species is raised on tehran and gilan fish farms for the pet trade (molnár and jalali, 1992; tavakol et al. Scale tubercles appear singly, in pairs or occasionally as 3 per scale. Habitat this species favours an abundance of soft vegetation in shallow water, necessary for successful reproduction.

47º40 e); cmnfi 2007-0122, , mm standard length, markazi, khar river basin south of takestan (ca. From pulvar, besides some other characters, by fewer dorsal-fin branched rays (commonly 7½ vs. Tubercles line the pelvic fin rays in branching rows. Two syntypes of chondrostoma cyri are also in zisp (10919) from tiflis collected by kessler in september 1875. Up to 60 parasites per fish are recorded, with female fish having the highest infestation (the later study showing no difference between male and female fish), infestation decreasing with increase in body length, and parasites being concentrated in the gill cavity and pharynx. Colour the back is a dark olive brown to grey, with a narrow stripe 14c dating groundwater. The divergence of these species is similar in time to the radiation of the leuciscinae supposedly centred in siberia based on fossil records. (nikol skii, 1899; annandale, 1919b; berg, 1949; bianco and banarescu, 1982; j. Iranian fish had plant fragments, sand grains, crustaceans, insect remains and chironomid larvae in gut contents. 6 mm standard length, contained chironomids. 5 mm standard length, lorestan, stream in kashkan river drainage near khorramabad (33º26 n, 48º19 e); cmnfi 1979-0274, 6, 20. The lower lip is apparent and finely ridged. Resident carp in dagestan mature in their third year at about 30 cm and have an average life span of 6 years whereas the semi-anadromous or semi-diadromous form matures in its fourth year at 35-36 cm and has an average life span of 8 years (shikhshabekov, 1969). Mm standard length, fars, parishan lake (ca.

Maturity is attained at 2 years for males and 3 years for females (bogutskaya in bănărescu and bogutskaya, 2003). 11:289-291); scaphiodon watsoni (fmnh 2303, nmw 51671, nmw 51672 and nmw 51673, zmb 11042, zisp 8278, zisp 8279); scaphiodon watsoni var. Its relationships to other taxa are poorly known.how accurate is radiometric dating.
. 5 mm standard length, khuzestan, hawr al azim and dez river, (no further locality data). Distribution this species is found in the tigris-euphrates and the orontes river basins in the middle east. The back is dark and obscures a predorsal and postdorsal stripe. Parasites and predators economic importance up to 1-2 million fish were caught in the kura at spawning (belyaev, 1929). 2 mm standard length, ukraine, tisa, danube drainage (no other locality data). The total (z), natural (m) and fishing (f) mortalities were 0. Milesi) has dorsal fin branched rays 10(4) or 11 (1), anal fin branched rays 7(5), pectoral fin branched rays 14(1) or 15(3) (one unclear), pelvic fin branched rays 7(1) or 8(4), lateral line scales 34(1), 36(1) and 37(3), and total gill rakers 11(3) or 12 (2) 14c dating groundwater. Reproduction a spawning migration to a large river takes place at about 15-17°c water temperature. Zoogeography this genus has a european and middle eastern distribution. .Live adult hidden web cam review.

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