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Basically, at some point in my dream, i came up with an idea to buy a big empty landmass and decided i would do something big and great with it like a benefit to the people. If you dream that you are using a gun to shoot someone, then it denotes your aggression and anger, and at the same time indicates that you are feeling particularly angry towards one specific person, if the person in the dream is identifiable. It s then revealed that my skull is only fractured and i will survive. I took it from him and shot at him, to find the gun had no ammo. Correctly, it seems that a conventional dream interpretation for a dream about guns is very powerful indeed. [reply] [reply with quote] [cancel reply] +1 roya 2016-06-03 23:44:27 i dreamt that in a family confrontation regarding a child s complaint against my partner where he asked her to do her homework my family gathered and my uncle who is dead almost 10 years was in the dream holding a gun.

The last moment i see with the gun is me setting it down next to my leg with the barrel facing forward as if i m making a precaution just in case and i happily go about my business, by nature im very careful and meticulous, the gun would have been more than safe with me. We didn t like each other whilst he lived. The gun fires and the bullet grazes my skull, cracking it but not penetrating it. I just waked up after shooting [reply] [reply with quote] [cancel reply] -4 kyle 2016-04-07 10:03:26 i would really appreciate it if someone could give me a way of loosely interpreting this dream: i m with my dad on a quiet street. We were all 3 just hanging out, enjoying what we d done. The gun as a dream symbol is just as powerful.

So i m wondering if that had something to do with it [reply] [reply with quote] [cancel reply] +3 you were probably wanting some more black night stick and was craving [reply] [reply with quote] [cancel reply] [email protected] It revolves around a gun but i can t find an interpretation for mine. [reply] [reply with quote] [cancel reply] +2 loolee 2017-01-11 15:42:57 sum1help.blind dating 2016 hun consolking.
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