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Dar al-aman era[edit] under mughal rule, multan enjoyed 200 years of peace in a time when the city became known as dar al-aman ( abode of peace ). [34] in 1010, mahmud led a punitive expedition against daud to depose and imprison him, [16] and suppressed ismailism in favour of the sunni creed. [19] alexander was wounded by an arrow that had penetrated his lung, leaving him severely injured. Multan served as medieval islamic india s trans-regional mercantile centre for trade with the islamic world. [7] it rose as an important trading and mercantile centre in the setting of political stability offered by the delhi sultanate, the lodis, and mughals. [6] multan was one of the most important trading centres of medieval islamic india, [7] and attracted a multitude of sufi mystics in the 11th and 12th centuries, earning the city the nickname city of saints. Following mahmud s death, the city regained its independence from the ghaznavid empire and came under the sway of ismaili rule once again. Arabic and sindhi were spoken in both cities, [28] though the inhabitants of multan were reported by estakhri to also have been speakers of persian, [27] reflecting the importance of trade with khorasan. [37] in the second half of the 17th century, multan s commercial fortunes were adversely affected by silting and shifting of the nearby river, which denied traders vital trade access to the arabian sea. In 1627, multan was encircled by walls that were built on the order of murad baksh, son of shah jahan. [10] upon his return from an expedition to balkh in 1648, the future emperor aurangzeb was appointed governor of multan and sindh — a post he held until 1652. Tags: boobs, pussy, lick, tits, big tits added 4 year(s) agofrom: xhamster 4:08 added 4 year(s) agofrom: hardsextube 3:06 young indian desi lover couple from mirpur bangladesh getting fucked.

[16] while the cult was dedicated to the hindu sun god surya, the cult was influenced by persian zoroastrianism. [57] misr diwan chand led sikh armies to a decisive victory over muzaffar khan. [27] during the 10th century, multan s rulers resided at a camp outside of the city named jandrawār, and would enter multan once a week on the back of an elephant for friday prayers. During the mughal era, multan was an important centre of agricultural production and manufacturing of cotton textiles. The multan region has been continuously inhabited for at least 5,000 years. [27] multan had also been noted to be a centre for slave-trade, though slavery was banned in the late 1300s by muhammad tughluq s son, firuz shah tughlaq. [12] according to the persian historian firishta, the city was founded by a great grandson of noah. Mahmud of ghazni in 1005 led an expedition against multan s qarmatian ruler abdul fateh daud. [50] multan was a centre for currency minting, [50] as well as tile-making during the mughal era. Tags: fucking, sex, couple, home made, young added 4 year(s) agofrom: hardsextube 5:18 prostitute mukta morol bari kuril dhaka bangladesh 5 indian desi indi. [16] the sun temple was mentioned by greek admiral skylax, who passed through the area in 515 bce. Mughal period[edit] multan s shahi eid gah mosque dates from 1735 and is decorated with elaborate and intricate mughal-era frescoes.

In 1772, ahmed shah durrani s son timur shah lost multan to sikh forces. [7] the renowned arab explorer ibn battuta visited multan in the 1300s during the reign of muhammad tughluq, and noted that multan was a trading centre for horses imported from as far away as the russian steppe. Multan is famous for its large number of sufi shrines, including the unique rectangular tomb of shah gardez that dates from the 1150s and is covered in blue enameled tiles typical of multan.miscromanian dating direct 16 txt 16.
. [16] mahmud s rule over the region was noted by al-biruni to have ruined the region s former prosperity. Muzzafar khan and seven of his sons were killed before the multan fort finally fell on 2 march 1818 in the battle of multan. The renowned arab explorer ibn battuta visited multan in the 1300s during the reign of muhammad tughluq, and noted that multan was a trading centre for horses imported from as far away as the russian steppe. It has been postulated that multan derives its name from the sanskrit word for the pre-islamic hindumultan sun temple, called mulasthana pakistani dating girls mirpur. Multan location in pakistan 2) 2) [5] and is the premier cultural and economic centre of southern punjab. [35] he destroyed the ismaili congregational mosque that had been built atop the ruins of the multan sun temple, and restored the city s old sunni congregational mosque. Following the conquest of upper sindh by the mughal emperor akbar, multan was attacked and captured by akbar s army under the command of bairam khan in 1557, [49] thereby re-establishing mughal rule in multan. To leave this website click here all persons depicted herein were at least 18 years of age. .

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