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When it was found that the c-class would not be able to run today, p-class no traindating com. Uk site suffering a major failure, for which we apologise. 42085 and 80151 double heading - and below, lswr no. Further pictures can be found half way down page 3 in his gallery featuring the memorial garden. 263; due to mechanical maintenance work on the secr c-class being given priority, the h s return to service is now expected to be during march. The flypast on the saturday was provided by the texan t6 (harvard), as also seen below. Neal ball provides the photo below of the h-class at sheffield park yesterday, and is adding many more of his great photos taken yesterday to this album traindating com. When all the matching funding and gift aid has been collected the ddd125 will have raised over £275,000 for the northern extension project. The pit can accommodate two locomotives at once, and the foul water is being adequately treated in the new settlement tanks provided for the purpose under the staff car park. Prepared sections that have been fully rubbed down, and treated or painted, are now smooth to the touch. There is no charge for travel, however we welcome a donation towards our northern extension project. The infrastructure/nep team drilled all the holes in the rails, then cut, threaded and fitted the tube work. As an elected trustee and as vice chairman, richard also held the post of operations director for the company and oversaw several changes during his tenure. 92240 at horsted keynes is progressing, as of 20 march. John s photo gallery from yesterday includes more photos of the h-class, continuing work on the loco lobby building and canopy at sheffield park, then at kingscote continuing progress on trackwork and the new cattle pens nearing completion, plus 3 further engines in steam.

John sandys has a few photos monday 7 may, including a ride on the gn saloon, the latest state of the track renewal at kingscote, and some shots of the 9f. The railway values each and every donation received, not to mention all the hard work of volunteers. The range is already available in smaller sizes, and should prove as iconic as the series of 6 posters the bluebell produced back in the 1980s. 323 bluebell with yesterday s autumn tints special to the north of leamland bridge. B473 has just crossed monteswood lane bridge with the new year victorian special. 34556 is painted in carmine and cream, and will enable a uniform livery for the lounge car train, in which it will operate as a replacement for bsk 35448. Derek hayward s first photo below shows the h-class at west hoathly with the lunchtime pullman dining train. With the extension to east grinstead nearly complete, we need all the motive power we can muster. 25 june derek hayward provides today s photos, all taken on saturday at our hugely successful the number of traders this year far exceeded previous years and the number of visitors on saturday was also unprecedented. Please note that these picture were taken from a position of safety away from the work site. At present the work site in the cutting is completely waterlogged and unsuitable for walkers; thus the decision to postpone until november. To raise this money, the railway is launching the funding for the finish campaign. Meanwhile the s&t were busy at sheffield park completing the signalling to the new shed which is about to be commissioned, and the track gangs were of course at work re-laying track at the north end of kingscote station. 22pm departure heading south from horsted keynes. Bluebell railway blog: archive 2012 please be aware that due to the historical nature of this page, some of the links on it may be out of date.

178, passing the down advance starter at kingscote, and that below illustrates that the memorial garden at horsted keynes has been much enhanced, thanks to the efforts of a small team of volunteers. You can find details of our various different christmas services here. This initiative is being launched in bluebell news which should be delivered to members in the coming few days, and through this web site and our fortnightly e-mail newsletter.lorna marie swisher simpson dating.
. 3650 approaching kingscote with one of today s service trains. Robert also provides the photo below showing secr h-class no. Nathan gibson continues to develop bluebell engines for the railworks simulator. Roger murray s photo below shows the h and c awaiting departure from sheffield park on saturday. The loco s owners were riding in the saloon for the day, and so when the loco changed sets at kingscote (we re still using turnover engines there until the run-round is restored) so did the saloon. A public consultation on the redevelopment of the centre of haywards heath has shown that 71% of respondents believe that it s important to safeguard the future possibility of the bluebell railway linking to the town. Martin has two new galleries, one from 19th august, and a small one from sunday 2nd september, from which this is taken. The scaffolding has been extended to allow access to other parts of the building (as seen in the final photo below), and the running-in board is also being refurbished. John harwood provides coverage of the steam crane as it passes west hoathly on its way to horsted keynes, including the stop made to check the axleboxes. This also has the advantage that we can see how traffic develops to determine exactly what facilities we ll need when the time comes. The second page includes a photo of a passing santa special train. .

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