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We’ll give you a quote and you decide who said it: ralph kramden on the honeymooners or archie bunker on all in the family. Here, serial killer charles lee ray (brad dourif) manages to swap bodies with a good guy doll. Can you identify the famous face in uniform. Prev page 2 of 21 next next virtual sexuality (1999) whos swapping whos dating katherine heigl. And then troy demands archers face in revenge. Consequences: trapped in one anothers bodies for an entire lunar cycle, the unlikely couple learn to appreciate one another and live happily ever after. Outgoing older sister alexia (katherine heigl) and nerdy younger sister hayley (danielle harris). Prev page 21 of 21 next nextcelebrities who served photo quiz check out the slideshow of some of our favorite celebrities who served in the military. Josh is woefully unequipped to handle the adult world, but somehow manages to find a home and a job anyway, while his parents search in vain for their missing child. Consequences: pendleton undoes some of farnsworths misdeeds, but he gets shot and farnsworths body dies again. And no, maybe that doesnt quite count as a body swap, but its closer to that than time travel, since mike doesnt get to go back in time in his own life he just gets to be young again in the present day. She ends up in her mums body back in 1992 while her mum nabs her body in the present day. Consequences: an evil, unstoppable doll goes on a killing spree, and a whole new horror franchise is born. Luckily, josh tracks down zoltar and puts everything right again. How they swapped: by meeting a mysterious janitor (brian doyle-murray) while reminiscing about his school days. Prev page 12 of 21 next next whos swapping whos dating katherine heigl.

Consequences: anna and tess have to live one anothers lives until they can demonstrate selfless love for one another. Consequences: ione saves the world by going to prom with the boy her mother rejected, and learns to love the 90s. How they swapped: by wishing on a shooting star. Consequences: while jacks busy enjoying his newfound youth, david nearly dies in hospital, which is a bit bleak. Dad jack (dudley moore) is a surgeon, while his son chris (kirk cameron) is a mediocre student. If you wanted to be pedantic, its not quite a swap, since the doll didnt have a mind or soul to swap with, and rays body ends up dead, but he definitely jumps bodies. No prizes for guessing whos swapping with whom in this mostly-forgotten 80s comedy. Consequences: charlie almost loses his dads job for him; his dad gets him in trouble with his mum, and then gets him kidnapped. But in her 30-year-old body, she has to watch her best friend matty (mark ruffalo) marry someone else. Busy businessman marshall (judge reinhold) and his son, charlie (fred savage). She captured the hearts of world leaders, fashion icons and people all over the planet, who knew her as jackie kennedy, jacqueline onassis, or simply jackie o. Prev page 20 of 21 next next freaky friday (2003) how they swapped: via magic fortune cookies at their local chinese restaurant. How they swapped: its a minor plot element in a trope-stuffed movie, but this might be one of the weirdest body swaps in the movies because thanks to some interfering aliens, ione ends up time-travelling as well as body-swapping. The plan was for dying millionaire edwina (lily tomlin) to switch bodies with a young woman (victoria tennant), but due to a slip up, edwinas soul ends up getting dropped into the body of her attorney, roger (steve martin). Justine (laura fraser), a frustrated teenager, and jake (rupert penry-jones), a 3d representation of justines perfect man, brought accidentally to life. Mark list of sex cams and its free sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls.

Prev page 7 of 21 next next the hot chick (2002) whos swapping. Our collection incorporates all the best live porn webcam links and keeps collected all good sexy niches. Mother and daughter ultimately learn to love and respect one another and everything ends happily.mobile sex chat without sign in and payment.
. This is a pretty lightweight made-for-tv drama, but the cast make it worth a look. Consequences: mitch-as-dave nearly destroys an important business deal, while dave-as-mitch gets an ill-advised tattoo. The magic skull gets it all sorted out in the end though. How they swapped: by having an argument in front of a statue of tezcatlipoca at their local museum. Clive-as-jessica becomes a pole dancer and continues his life of crime; jessica-as-clive spies on all her friends and learns valuable life lessons. Because thats how all frustrated parents and children deal with their problems, no. Consequences: tim upsets sallys friends by not knowing the social niceties theyre used to, while sally makes a hash of his business deals. But in the end, archer kills troy and nabs his face back. How they swapped: a car accident, combined with a wish to be young again, puts jack in davids body, and leaves david in jacks body and in a coma. Which means anna has to learn to accept her new stepdad (luckily, not in any creepy way) and tess has to learn to trust anna and support her hobbies. Tash wishes that brett could know what its like to be her, and because its a full moon, her wish is granted. Except mitch, whos stuck with his i love dave tattoo. .

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